Contact, Student Body Profile, Academic Year, Tuition/Room/Board Price, Admission and Selectivity Information about Johnson State College

This page provides basic information about Johnson State College – it specifically focuses on enrollment and attendance, as well as male/female ratio, pricing, test and selectivity levels.


Contact Information:

The college is located in Johnson, Vermont (Zip Code 5656). The main college telephone number is (802) 635-1219.

Student Group Profile:

Full-Time Enrollment: 533 men, 524 women and Part Time Enrollment: 102 men, 239 women

As for the graduate students enrollment, we have the following statistics:
Graduate Enrollment: 42 men, 101 women

Academic Year Information:

Johnson State College has the following Academic Year Model: Semester, Summer School.

Tuition and Room and Board Information:

Please note that this info might be outdated as the prices fluctuate very often. Tuition price is $5015 ($10521) – Some schools have different prices for in and out of state students. Should you notice a price in parentheses above that’s the price that out of state students would pay. Finally, room and board charges for Johnson State College are: $5,298.

Selectivity Information:

Please note that we don’t have selectivity details for some of the schools. One is a minimum selectivity mark and ten is maximum selectivity mark. Johnson State College selectivity is: 4.

Admission Information:

Application Deadline

Please note that the school application deadline is: 1-Mar. As for the application statistics here is the information we have: 963 student applied, 730 accepted, 201 enrolled.

SAT Test Average / ACT Test Average:

Here is the information on SAT Average: 503/480 while the ACT Average: 503/480

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Johnson State College - Quik Facts and Answers

Where is Johnson State College located?

Johnson State College is located in Johnson, VT, USA.

What is the mailing address for Johnson State College?

Mailing address for Johnson State College is (street number not available), Johnson, VT, USA.

What is the Johnson State College’s phone number?

The Johnson State College’s phone number is (802) 635-1219.

What is the Johnson State College’s male to female ratio?

The Johnson State College’s male to female ratio is: 533 men, 524 women.

What is the Johnson State College’s application deadline?

The Johnson State College’s application deadline is 1-Mar (date changes - confirm with school).

What is the Johnson State College’s student SAT average?

The Johnson State College’s student SAT average is: 503/480.

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